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Marketing Dashboard

Do you wish your marketing was easier to manage and track? Take the intelligent approach with i.e. and your wish will come true! Our marketing dashboard is available to all our clients and is designed to make your marketing easier to manage whilst giving you complete visibility. No more trawling through emails or saved files or having to log onto different software applications to review results. Reports, PDFs, SEO and PPC reporting, customer survey results are all in one place. You don’t need to use all the modules available, simply start with the contact reports and asset management modules and add others later if you need them

Contact Reports

We document the notes and action points of every strategy and project meeting with you, our client. These contact reports are made available to you in date order so you can always go back and see what was discussed and agreed at each meeting. Of course, your Account Manager will chase through the action points, but a complete record of your contact reports will be held in one place.

Asset Management

Low resolution PDF versions of every final piece of artwork is held in a one place and managed via an intuitive filing structure giving you a definitive record of work. You can see projects at a glance, quickly check proofs, or grab PDFs to forward to colleagues.  


SEO & PPC Reporting

Ongoing SEO and PPC campaigns are reported through the i.e. Marketing Dashboard. The results are brought together via easy to read graphs which show exactly what’s happening with the campaigns. Reports are produced monthly and you will have a historic record of previous months campaigns available to view.

Customer Survey Results & Reporting

The results of i.e. surveys are also reported through the i.e. Marketing Dashboard. The quantative information is displayed in graphs and charts, enabling you to easily track trends whilst the qualitative information is collected and displayed in one place, allowing you to easily see who’s said what. We can also set up email alerts for dipping trends, so you can stay on top of exactly what’s happening

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