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Intelligent Surveys

Surveys are an essential activity for any business who wants to stay connected with its customers and make informed decisions about driving the business forward. i.e. surveys makes it easy to garner opinion, interpret results and make better decisions whilst avoiding the common pitfalls of other DIY online survey programmes.

Creating value in your survey

As a business, you need valuable information from which to make informed decisions. i.e. surveys will help you design and structure a survey which draws out meaningful value whilst still being quick and easy to complete online. No need to worry about question types or how to structure your survey, we’ll do all of that for you as part of the service.

Connecting with customers

Once your survey is live, a survey invite will be created incorporating a direct link to the survey. The invite is sent out to your email contact list via i.e. mail, enabling you to track responses and remind those who don’t respond to the first request. Survey invites can also appear as a pop up window on your website or as a link via social media.


Reporting and analytics

The results of your surveys are collected and displayed in real-time via our i.e. Marketing dashboard. The quantitive information is displayed in graphs and charts, enabling you to easily track trends whilst the qualitative information is collected and displayed in one place, allowing you to easily see who’s said what. We can also set up email alerts for dipping trends, so you can stay on top of exactly what’s happening. .

Assessment and Interpretation

We will work with you ongoing to ensure survey results are interpreted correctly and offer insightful, objective and sound conclusions on which to base future business decisions. 

What next?

If you want to know more about the benefits of i.e. surveys or would like to put in place a customer survey programme for your business, then get in touch on 0117 9079930 or email surveys@ie-marketing.co.uk

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