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Mobile-friendly websites to get higher ranking in search results on Google

From April 21st, Google will  start prioritising  mobile-ready websites in its search results. The change will affect mobile searches in all languages worldwide, it will also have a significant impact on all Google search results.

Why are Google doing this?
The use of mobile to access the internet now exceeds that of desktop devices and Google wants to give their users the most relevant, high quality search results that are optimised for the device that they are searching on. A site that is not mobile-friendly may be difficult to view, requiring the user to pinch or zoom in order to read the content - which can be frustrating and means they are more likely to abandon the site. A mobile-friendly version on the other hand is readable and immediately usable - therefore a far better result.

If Google considers mobile to be critical to business, so should you. It’s always been important to make sure visitors have a good experience on your site that now includes when they are viewing it on a mobile device - this is where ie can help. 

Fully responsive mobile-friendly sites
Over the past eighteen months, in direct response to the growth in mobile usage, ie has been developing more and more mobile-friendly, fully responsive websites. A responsive site can be viewed across all devices; desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones. When someone accesses a responsive site it automatically formats the page content to suit the size of the screen that it is being viewed on. Consideration needs to be given to navigation and how key content will display across the various screen sizes and format. We work hard to make these pages quick to load and can show different content for different screen sizes if it is more helpful for the user. It’s very clever and it works. Examples of responsive sites that we have recently worked on include; Club Caribbee, Sybaris Chauffeurs, Air Quality Consultants and David Vickery as well as own website ie-marketing.

If you would like to like to know more about mobile-friendly websites either email or call Suzi or Diana on 0117 907 9930.

This was a sizeable project for the BDIA; it represents a massive step forward from where we were. Already we are saving time by not having to answer numerous calls from people trying to find information because now they can easily find it on our website!

Nicola McGing, Business Development and Communications Manager, BDIA


Warning - this website uses cookies

Have you noticed an increase in cookie policy warnings on the websites that you visit. These pop up warnings were widely viewed as annoyoying and unecessary, and many organisations simply did not use them. Now however, GDPR regulations insist that websites tell visitors if their data is being gathered and processed through a cookie policy warning. 

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One succesful launch for OneFifty

We recently completed a really interesting project - the renaming and rebranding of 'The Jet Washing Company' to 'OneFifty'. OneFifty specialises in exterior surface cleaning and we have worked with business owners Max and Andy Morris since they first set the company up in 2013. 

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Standing out at the FPS EXPO

We have just completed a project for a client exhibiting at the 2018 FPS EXPO, an important annual event for the oil distribution industry. Our client Mabanaft exhibits at the show every year and we design and supply all associated marketing collateral, the centre piece of this being their stand. 

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