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The Starting Point

OneFifty specialises in exterior surface cleaning. The company works with property owners, and property and facilities managers, to deliver outstanding cleaning results on building facades, walls, pathways, roofs and pretty much any external surface and surface material.
The company was set up in 2013 by Andy and Max Morris. The powerful combination of Andy’s solid business experience and in-depth knowledge of the cleaning industry, and Max’s energy, drive and ambition, have helped the company grow and thrive. Five years on, Max and Andy were ready to move the business to the next level.

The Intelligent Approach

In 2017 we took Max and Andy through the ie intelligent marketing process. This allowed us all to really get to grips with the business as it stood and its future goals and ambitions, as well as understand the marketplace and competitors both on and off-line.
The process allowed ie to clarify what makes OneFifty different and make sure that this is clearly communicated throughout their marketing. It also consolidated the decision to rename and rebrand as OneFifty in order to help reposition the business and move towards achieving planned goals.

The Results

The business launched as OneFifty in May 2018 and there was an immediate and positive response. The aim of renaming and rebranding was to allow the company to appeal to larger organisations. Just three weeks after the launch they have acquired a very large new contract via their website We are now looking forward to continuing to work with Andy and Max to help them develop and grow the business, and meet their planned business targets over the coming years.
Andy said; “Max and I have been delighted with the rebranding project, and the work that ie has done over the past years. The bottom line is the phone rings every day and we don't sit around wondering where our next contract is coming from - proof positive that what ie is doing works.”

Feedback has been hugely positive from existing parents, staff and prospective customers. It is a powerful, user friendly marketing tool that we own and control and it will suit our needs for years to come.

Rob O'neill - Once upon a time nursery and pre-school


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One succesful launch for OneFifty

We recently completed a really interesting project - the renaming and rebranding of 'The Jet Washing Company' to 'OneFifty'. OneFifty specialises in exterior surface cleaning and we have worked with business owners Max and Andy Morris since they first set the company up in 2013. 

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Standing out at the FPS EXPO

We have just completed a project for a client exhibiting at the 2018 FPS EXPO, an important annual event for the oil distribution industry. Our client Mabanaft exhibits at the show every year and we design and supply all associated marketing collateral, the centre piece of this being their stand. 

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