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Our process

The intelligent marketing success process is a practical marketing model designed for ambitious and growing businesses to target and deliver real results.

success process

Free consultation

To understand your business objectives and to align our process to meet your specific requirements.

Key outcome

To agree how best to work together to achieve your business goals.

Feedback and insights

Strategy and planning

Internal intelligence

Team workshop(s) in which key team members will be present.

Desired result

To build a detailed picture from your point of view of your business, your market, your customers, your services and the benefits these deliver.

Competitor intelligence

Competitor research.

Desired results

Profile key competitors and assess where you fit in relation to these. We’ll ascertain differences and similarities between your offerings. Can include secret shopper and price analysis.

Web intelligence

Online research.

Desired results

To understand opportunities for generating online sales enquiries and assess potential return on investment. The online research will inform the web development process, for example do we need to build the website to respond to online search criteria. Do we need to budget for advertising.

Customer intelligence

Quantitive/qualitative survey of current and lapsed customers.

Desired result

To understand how your clients perceive you, your services and service levels and what needs they have now and may have in the future. To understand lapsed customer perception of your services and service levels. Why they left you, what needs they have and whether these are being fulfilled by their current provider.

Market intelligence findings

Delivered as a presentation including the marketing brief informing all other parts of this process.

Desired result

To agree what we are marketing, who we are marketing to, where and when.


Identify opportunities.

Key objective

To clearly identify the greatest opportunities to increase sales and create sustainable business growth with the resources and funds available.


Create a plan.

Key objective

To plan and decide upon the marketing tools required, establish an annual marketing budget and set achievable timelines with predetermined delivery deadlines.

Market knowledge and intelligence

Review your brand

Understand your brand.

Key objective

To review your brand / value proposition and ensure your identity and brand are aligned with the agreed marketing brief and strategy.

Key messaging

Messaging concepts.

Key objective

To clearly communicate the brand values, and to ensure the focus is on answering the needs of the customer.

Design look & feel

Establishing the graphical representation of your brand.

Key objective

To visually communicate the brand values, and to ensure the focus is on answering the needs of the customer.

Ongoing marketing communications


Create a website that can become the central hub of all communications in the future.

Corporate literature

Build credibility and outline the value you offer demonstrating why a customer should use your business.

Sales literature

Create collateral that supports the sales process and promotes key services.

Sales presentation

To be used to present to potential clients answering the customers core needs, in a concise and engaging way.


Giving staff the ability to produce letters and any sales and support documentation efficiently and on brand.

Branding guidelines

This will give you the ability to keep control of your brand wherever it is represented. Instilling strong consistent branding is a powerful part of the marketing mix.

Marketing tools

Key objective

To build awareness, credibility and generate new high quality sales leads. Stay front of mind and to cross sell additional services to existing customers and prospects.

measuring results

The bottom line is the phone rings every day and we don't sit around wondering where our next contract is coming from - proof positive that what ie is doing works.

Andy Morris - Director of OneFifty


Merry Christmas from the team at ie

Merry Christmas from the team at ie

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Raising the bar for Après Bristol

ie has just launched a new website for Bristol’s Après Bar – a cool pop-up bar located in Millennium Square. We really enjoyed working with the team to create the new web site, moreover their Manager, Leigh, was delighted to have received 40 bookings just days after the site went live! 

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Direct marketing yields a ten-fold increase in enquiries

We recently carried out a direct marketing campaign for Hookway Chartered Surveyors to help generate new enquiries for their CIF bid application service. The campaign has been an out-and-out success generating a 10-fold increase in enquiries. 

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