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OneFifty specialise in exterior surface cleaning including building facades, walls, pathways and roofs.

OneFifty High Level Cleaning

The company was set up as The Jet Washing Company in 2013 by father and son Andy and Max Morris. Four years on, Max and Andy were ready to take the business to the next level with the aim to work with larger organisations.

The intelligent approach

In 2017 we started the ie intelligent marketing process to get a clear understanding of OneFifty’s business, its goals and challenges. We also profiled their customers and competitors to get an in-depth knowledge of their marketplace and audience.

Using what we’d learnt helped us clarify OneFifty’s position within the market and crystallise their marketing messages. It also led to the decision to reposition the business by rebranding from The Jet Washing Company to OneFifty.

The results

The Jet Washing Company rebranded as OneFifty in May 2018 to help the company appeal to larger organisations. Within three weeks they’d acquired a large new contract via their website.


  • Brand identity
  • Design for print
  • Email marketing
  • PPC
  • SEO
  • Social media
  • Vehicle branding
  • Website design and build

“Max and I are delighted with the rebranding project and the work ie has done. The bottom line is the phone rings every day and we don’t sit around wondering where our next contract is coming from – proof positive that what ie is doing works.”

Andy Morris – Owner


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