Xmas Tipi Party

A quick turnaround for a happy client

We created a new brand, product name, logo and website all within one week when our client, Jon Sexstone, needed a quick turnaround.

We’ve worked with Jon, Managing Director of PURE Co, for over a year, having developed PURE Co’s website and branding ready to go live last November.

Jon approached us with a new Christmas party event he wanted to promote. He knew what he was selling, where, when and to whom but he needed our help to create a brand and marketing that reflected what he was trying to achieve and that would sell covers for the Christmas party season.

We met with Jon on a Tuesday afternoon and by Friday had developed a name, logo and website design, all of which he was thrilled with!

We developed the name, Xmas Tipi Party, with SEO in mind. The event is a unique, luxury Christmas party hosted in Scandinavian tipis near Bristol’s waterfront on Millennium Square.

It was important to include a version of ‘Christmas party’ in the name and the website’s url to help with search engine optimisation, ensuring Jon’s website would rank well for key search terms.

The logo includes a visual representation of the two Scandinavian tipis in the ‘M’ of Xmas. This was a design decision to reinforce the key selling point that makes the Xmas Tipi Party a unique venue in Bristol.

As we’ve worked with Jon for over a year and have a good knowledge of his approach and his businesses it was much easier to turn around a high-quality outcome so quickly! Jon is keen to support more Bristol businesses with the services he offers through PURE Co, his event management and corporate hospitality company that’s hosting the Xmas Tipi Party. PURE Co’s central service and message is that they create bespoke inspirational experiences and memorable tailored hospitality. This made it easier to develop the Xmas Tipi Party’s messaging to fit with PURE Co’s existing ethos and help raise awareness of PURE Co’s broader services across Bristol businesses.

The Xmas Tipi Party website went live, including a google ads PPC campaign, the Tuesday following our initial meeting. The team have already had leads from the website and direct calls for bookings.

The next stage is to promote the Xmas Tipi Party more widely, including an email campaign, PR campaign and advertising in Bristol Secretary magazine and an updated proposal to send to enquiries. All of this is now ready to go, just two weeks after our initial brief!

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