Easton Bevins picks ie as long-term marketing partner

Easton Bevins initially approached ie in 2020 for a new website. The relationship has since evolved and they now rely on our team for regular ongoing marketing support.

Their new website was developed to bring together the extensive range of property related services that the company offers. It was the first stage of a long-term strategy that is now delivering positive results, including making it simpler to cross sell services.

Solid foundations for steady growth

The new site is structured to support strategic campaigns promoting specific services to specific targeted audiences. One such campaign was implemented in response to a government initiative offering funding to support fire safety works associated with cladding on high-rise buildings.

The aim of the campaign – to inform block managers, property managers and freeholders that Easton Bevins could help with their funding application, improving their chances of success, as well as carry out risk assessments and manage remediation works if required.

Delivering return on investment and more

The campaign achieved quality enquiries and a positive return on investment – a fundamental measure of success. Moreover the company is now well positioned to be able to respond quickly to any new developments on Government funding opportunities as and when these become available.

Associate Director at Easton Bevins, Ben O’Brien, said; “We are very pleased with the work that ie has carried out, and with the response that we have achieved through marketing initiatives to date. We now have a long term marketing strategy, as well as being able to respond quickly to any opportunities that might occur.”

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