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Ever wondered about ways of enhancing your company’s internal communications? We recently completed the third edition of Energise, an internal newsletter created to do exactly that for the Mabanaft Group.

Improving communications, building relationships

The Mabanaft Group, part of a leading independent global energy company, consists of several different businesses located in different parts of the UK. The Management team were looking for ways to improve communications between staff at the different businesses sites and decided a group newsletter would help – so ‘Energise’ was born.

Energise – a bi-annual publication – has been well received by both managers and staff. It features useful updates from the different businesses, community news and interviews with colleagues across the group.

It also provides a platform for the CEO to communicate plans for the business and provide clarity around corporate strategy. Better communications can help improve cohesion and positivity across the group.

The enduring nature of print

It was agreed that Energise should be supplied both in print and digital formats. Digital is an obvious option as copies can be emailed for people to read online. But we are bombarded by digital communications which are easy to ignore or even delete. Hence the decision to print the newsletter as well.

Print has more permanence; it feels more real. People like to be able to hold a printed publication, or take a copy home to browse at their leisure. And, feeling the quality of the paper used also reinforces the value the company places on its internal communications.

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