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Wintertime at The Square

20 February 2020

Christmas might already feel like a distant memory, but at ie Marketing we’re still celebrating the success of our festive season.

One of our existing clients came to us in November with an ambitious plan to transform Bristol’s Millennium Square into a winter wonderland. This magical pop-up event would include a renowned light show, rollerdisco, an apr├Ęs-ski bar and street food, among much more, all with a heavy focus on local suppliers. They tasked us with the marketing and promotion of this brand-new pop-up to Bristol and the surrounding area in the run up to Christmas. No small task.

Building a brand from scratch

With just weeks until the launch, we set to work creating a brand, a website, online and print advertising and a social media presence. We decided on a sleek black and white aesthetic with – of course – a square logo, so that the brand would work with both summertime and wintertime theming, as our client plans to host seasonal events at Millennium Square throughout the year.

Stylistic imagery was key for the website, as well as the Facebook and Instagram profiles, so we worked with a couple of professional photographers with different approaches to bring the brand to life. Unifying all the elements of the pop-up event at The Square under one brand made for easier understanding for customers, as well as created a centralised resource for information. Our social media channels allowed The Square-goers to check in and tag the brand in stories, upping engagement. 

Measuring success

Thanks to our marketing efforts – from a sleek new website and adverts placed in local magazines to a relentless social media campaign across Facebook and Instagram – Wintertime at The Square was a glittering success. We reached more than half a million people in just six weeks, generating excitement around the event and creating a recognisable brand for the future of the pop-up. A Facebook event for the launch of the light show saw 11,000 people click ‘interested’, with around 2,000 attending on the night, while The Square overall saw over 20,000 visitors purchase something from the vendors between 15th November to 5th January. A wondrous wintertime indeed.

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