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How to ensure a positive future for your business

2020 will be forever remembered as the year that COVID-19 changed the world. No business has gone untouched by the impact of the pandemic. While a few organisations have continued to function and a very few even grown as a result of behavioural changes, the majority were forced to close their doors, furlough staff and reduce costs wherever possible in order to survive.

Flexible furlough will prompt a return to work; businesses can begin to get back up and running, while ensuring COVID-19 health and safety measures are observed. Some may be able to pick up more or less where they left off, but for others it will not be quite so simple. Many business owners will be thinking seriously about ways to ensure a positive future, perhaps exploring ways to pivot their business, adapt their products or services to better fit what we are calling ‘the new normal’. Whatever their approach, marketing will play a key role in post-lockdown businesses regeneration.

Marketing increases long-term profitability

Paul Bainsfair, Director General of the IPA, said: “While the future trajectory of the economy is unpredictable, that of brands starved of marketing investment is much clearer. Our evidence from previous recessions and periods of buoyancy consistently shows that cutting marketing investment weakens brands in the near-term and limits growth and profitability in the long-term.”

ie has been supporting clients who remained open for business during lockdown. Looking ahead, our team will be working hard with others as they begin to get their businessses moving again. One client, for example, realised that they needed to up their game in order to retain pole position in their field. An area that required additional support was business conversions. To help them achieve their target, we are developing a range of online sales support tools that will play an important role in on-boarding new clients.

We will also be working on other branding, direct marketing and website development projects. These include completing a fabulous new travel website for a long-standing client that will allow them to evolve their service offering to appeal to a wider audience, and rebranding a nationwide chain of truck stops. These businesses recognise the importance of professional design and well thought through marketing and they will reap the benefits of their investment in the months and years ahead.

If you need any help with marketing, be that simply boosting new business enquiries or developing your brand communications to help you get ahead of the competition, our team of experienced experts can help.

To find out more, email your enquiry or call Suzi or Kevin on 0117 907 9930 for an initial chat.

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