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How to get great professional photos for your business

15 January 2019

As marketing spend goes, professional photos are rarely top of the list. But as far as a worthwhile investment is concerned, you can’t do much better.  

Great professional photos show off your company and products in a way that words and design simply can’t, with the bonus that you can use them across all of your marketing – from your website, corporate literature and social media to print media and publications. 

The images you use in your marketing send a strong message about the tone and quality of what you offer. So, if you’ve decided to invest in professional photos, here are some tips to make sure you get the most from your investment. 

Get the brief right 

The easiest way to get great photos is to start with a good brief. Develop a clear idea of exactly how you want to use your images and what type of message you’d like them to send.  

You can start by asking where you plan to use your images? What impression of the company you want them to give? And whether you want your photos to differentiate you from your competitors, show off your team or make your product the hero? 

You should also think about who and what you need to include in your shots for your photos to achieve their goal? 

If you’ll be taking your photos outside do you have a contingency plan if there's bad weather. Do you need to book, or get to, any locations outside of the office?  

The day of your shoot will be much more successful if you have a clear brief and you’re well prepared. You’ll be much less likely to find yourself missing anything crucial from your shots and you’ll have a much clearer idea of what you need to do. 

Photography is an upfront investment 

Producing great photos can be expensive, so it’s natural to see if there’s a way to cut the cost.  

The problem with cost cutting is that photography is an upfront investment. If you want great photos that show off your products, you need to spend time planning and have the right people to hand. 

We’d always recommend using an Art Director. It might seem like an extravagant expense but it’s crucial to how well your photos turn out.  

An Art Director should be someone who understands your brand and how and where the images will be used. This means they can make sure the shots you’re getting work across a range of different channels, include everything you need and make the right impression for your company.  

An experienced photographer is also a must. Most people have good quality cameras on their phones, but they don’t have the skill and knowledge to take exceptional photos. Unless you know how to add depth, get the lighting right and make sure everything’s positioned in a way that tells a story, get a professional in to do it for you. 

You’ll save money on retouching photos by getting them right first time.  

Great photos take time 

It takes time to get the brief right, organise everything you need and get the right shot on the day. Positioning the people and products in your photos can take longer than you’d think too. If you’re taking pictures of people in your team they’ll need time to relax in front of the camera and produce a photo that’s good enough for your marketing collateral. 

A photo shoot that produces great results won’t happen by chance, like all great things it takes time, planning and attention to get the best results. But the pay off is having versatile, impactful photos you can use across all your marketing channels, that tell a compelling visual story about your company.


If you’d like help with your company’s photography, or just to talk to someone about whether it would work for your business, simply contact us.  


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