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Standout photography on Silvey’s new website

15 March 2019

Bristol based Silvey’s new fuel website has gone live, including stand out professional photography. 

Silvey pride themselves on exceptional customer service and wanted to showcase the great value and service they deliver. So, demonstrating they’re a local business who work closely with their customers was important to the design of their new website. 

To make their new website distinctive and showcase their people we arranged a professional photo shoot, including a professional photographer and Art Director to join a Silvey driver for the day.  

Professional photos were an excellent way to show Silvey’s products being delivered to real customers. The images are versatile enough to be used across their sales literature, social media and print media as well as throughout their website. 

The images are a great success, making Silvey’s new website distinctive and showing off their most important asset, their people. 

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