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Online Toolkit a Resounding Success

Informing Futures is an online support toolkit available for anyone who works with young people with complex needs and is struggling with how to deal with challenging behaviour. It was funded by the National Community Lottery Fund (formerly the Big Lottery Fund) and delivered by1625 Independent People, working alongside a wide range of partners and stakeholders.

Presenting seven years of research!

The aim of the project was to create something informative, evidence-based and backed by academic research. The toolkit shares the learning gained from 7 years of project delivery with young people in the South West of England. Clare Birch, Service Manager for Transitions and Resilience at 1625IP, was responsible for overseeing this part of the project, here is what Clare said about working with ie;

“Making the toolkit web-based was the most obvious way to make it accessible to as many people as possible, that’s when we contacted the team at ie, and I can’t overstate how brilliant it was to work with them!

I had not been sure how we were going to wrestle all the information we had gathered into something coherent. The team at ie, Kevin in particular, held our hand throughout the process, helping us decide what the toolkit should look like, how to organize the content, and getting us to think about how people might want use it, all of which helped us make it take shape.

I appreciated everything about the way ie worked, from the very practical elements like nailing down a sitemap and helping me communicate what was in my head in a way that made sense! The whole team also bought into what was important to us at 1625IP – our values – and that’s very important when developing a resource which is about people taking care of people.

Team work – the key to success

At every level it was it was a joy working with ie, and I really felt like it was a shared success. We launched the toolkit to three different audiences; our internal staff, our partners in the project, and finally we did an external launch, and we received excellent feedback from all three! Everyone commented on how accessible it was (which was of critical importance), how professional it looked, and how easy it was to navigate – all things which I totally attribute to the team at ie!

This is a really useful resource and we will be adding to it over time to make sure it remains up-to-date and relevant. We have recently completed a project supporting young women who have experienced domestic violence and this is the perfect platform to share what we’ve learned and the training that we’ve developed as a result. We are looking forward to the opportunity to work with ie again before too long.”  View work in Portfolio >   Visit Informing Futures website >

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