Turning your knowledge and passion for what you do into compelling marketing communications that deliver results

Most successful businesses are setup and managed by people who are passionate and knowledgeable about what they do. It’s what makes them good at selling their product or service when in front of a customer. But when it comes to capturing these essential qualities and translating them into compelling marketing tools, things start to get difficult, and this is where we can help... more about us

The intelligent marketing process - proven to deliver results

ie follows a tried and tested process designed to maximise opportunities for success and it has proved its worth time and again. By getting to know and understand your business, your customers and your market place, we are able to produce a clear marketing strategy and deliver compelling marketing collateral to help you achieve your business objectives.

Understand our process

Your out-sourced marketing team

We are a team of skilled professionals each with many years experience in marketing. Working with ie will provide you with your own out sourced marketing director. You will also have access to a team of experts in marketing strategy and planning, design, website development, search marketing, email marketing, PR and copywriting and more - all under one roof, available to you whenever you need them... meet the team >