Helping a Caribbean travel agent stand out in a crowded market

ie has worked with the Caribbean travel specialist, Caribbee, for many years, mainly on the design and development of the company’s digital communications.

Caribbee was originally set up to serve the Afro-Caribbean community living in the UK and travelling to and from the Caribbean. Over time, both the market and the business have evolved significantly and ie has collaborated with consultant marketer, Kathryn Bullock, to develop and update their marketing collateral and ensure these reflect the changes.

Communicating expertise and authenticity

The latest iteration of the Caribbee website has been carefully crafted to appeal to a wider audience to help support future marketing activity. The people in the business have lived experience of the destinations that they promote, and great care has been taken to ensure that both their expertise, and the authentic personality of the business, shine through at every opportunity.

In short, the new website works to enable Caribbee to stand out in an extremely crowded market, and positively support future business plans.

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